TIG 2017 Talk To Me: Rise of the Conversational User Interface and What It Means For Legal Services

Following the dramatic growth of mobile web traffic, another trend is rapidly transforming how we use the web via smartphones. Graphical user interfaces are being replaced by the Conversational User Interface (CUI). Instead of learning how to use a website or app, CUIs enable users to interact on their own terms as a conversation. Siri and Google Now use a CUI. Solutions built around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use CUIs. Chatbots that can assist users with challenging a parking ticket or applying for affordable housing use CUIs. A new crop of text messaging apps such Slack, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and Telegraph provide developer platforms to enable anyone to build their own bots. Compared to clicking through apps or sites, CUI can offer a more natural, approachable way to interact with the web and can better assist those who have limited language or computer skills. CUIs can present a friendlier experience for users already under stress. Legal services organizations should start planning how the information and services they provide over the web can be adapted and delivered over CUIs.

Presenters: Abhijeet Chavan, Chief Technology Officer, Urban Insight Inc.; Jack Haycock, Client Focused Technology Innovator, Pine Tree Legal Assistance; Melissa Nolte, Website Coordinator/Grantwriter, Kansas Legal Services.