Service Areas in Competition for 2020 Grant Awards

March 11, 2019 (All day)

In accordance with our multi-year funding policy, Basic Field Grant applications for calendar year 2020 funding will be accepted only for specified service areas. To see all of our service areas in any given state or U.S. territory, visit the LSC Service Areas map.

Below are the service areas in competition for the 2020 grant awards. This information is also available on the Federal Register.

State or Territory

Service Area(s)

Arizona AZ-3, AZ-5, NAZ-6, MAZ
Arkansas AR-6, AR-7
California CA-1, CA-12, CA-27, CA-28, NCA-1
Connecticut CT-1
Illinois IL-3, IL-7
Kentucky KY-2, KY-9, KY-10
Louisiana LA-13
Massachusetts MA-4, MA-10, MA-11
Michigan MI-9, MI-12, MI-15, NMI-1, MMI
Minnesota MN-4, MN-5, MN-6, MMN
Missouri MO-4, MO-5
New Hampshire NH-1
New Mexico NM-5, NNM-4, MNM
New York NY-9
North Dakota MND
Ohio OH-18, OH-20, OH-21, OH-23, MOH
Oklahoma OK-3, NOK-1, MOK
Pennsylvania PA-5, PA-24
Puerto Rico PR-2
South Dakota SD-2
Tennessee TN-4, TN-7, TN-9, TN-10
Texas TX-13, TX-15, NTX-1, MSX-2
Virginia VA-17, VA-19, VA-20
West Virginia WV-5
Wisconsin WI-5, MWI