2020 ITC Live Stream Schedule

LSC will livestream and record portions of the Innovations in Technology Conference program. Instructions for accessing the livestream will be available on the ITC website along with LSC's Twitter and Facebook pages. (All times PST.)

Wednesday, January 15

8:30 am
Conference Welcome and Opening Plenary -- Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age: An Introduction to the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)
Shannon Salter • John G. Levi • Jim Sandman  

10:30 am
Content: Are You Making Something Useful?
Ericka Rickard • J. Singleton • Hallie Jay Pope • Nicole Bradick

Pro Bono Innovation Fund Shark Tank: Technology Edition
Sandhya Kidd 

1:30 pm
Building and Sustaining Statewide Access Innovations: Insights from Current Portal Initiatives
Amy Clark • Gwen Daniels • Bob Glaves • Nalani Fujimori Kaina • Nikole Nelson • Glenn Rawdon

All Aboard! Let's Collaborate with SharePoint Online
Thomas A. Trent • Kenneth Elliott • Pat Muller 

3:30 pm
A Strategic Blueprint for Eviction and Housing Law Innovation
Aftab Pureval • Daniel Bernal • Margaret Hagan • Robert Wall

To LMS or Not? The A-Z of Learning Management Systems
Dina Shafey Scott • Jennifer Rivers 

5:00 pm
ITC Hackathon Presentations

Thursday, January 16

8:45 am
Are we there yet?: Integrating AI and Triage in MA, ME, & IL
Gwen Daniels • Rochelle Hahn • Gordon Shaw • Jack Haycock

When Your Website Visitors Aren’t Who You Think They Are
J. Singleton • Emily Good

10:30 am
Machine Learning for Access to Justice: Digital Legal Needs Analysis + Tools
Lester Bird • Margaret Hagan • David Colarusso

Following Up: Cost-Effective Tools for Helping Brief Service Clients Achieve Positive Outcomes
Jonathan Pyle • Angela Tripp • Anne Sweeney • Rohan Pavuluri

11:45 am
Rapid Fire Tech Talks
Sarah Baker • Gwen Daniels • Angela Tripp • Tom Martin • Miki Nakamura

1:30 pm
Pot of Gold: Lessons Learned Reaching the End of a 3-year Human-Centered Design Driven Project
Kate Fazio

Dynamic Presentations for All: Building Accessible Training Materials
Fay Gordon • Remy Alexander 

2:30 pm
Using Evaluation and Data-Driven Decision-Making to Improve Organizational Effectiveness
Lynn Jennings • Kelly Shaw-Sutherland • Holly Stevens

Let’s 10x That! Driving Growth Through Increasing Online Visibility
Jonathan Pyle • Rohan Pavuluri • Margaret Hagan • Susan Choe

Friday, January 17

8:00 am
Training Staff Using Technology and Adult Learning Techniques
Daniel Ediger • Sarterus Rowe • Elizabeth Shackney

Communication Tools and Practices to Optimize Internal Collaboration and Engagement
Kristen Sonday • Tim Baran • Rodrigo Camarena • Susan Choe

9:30 am
Re-Regulating Access to Justice: How Regulation Reform Can Unlock More Access to Those in Need
Jim Sandman • Natalie Anne Knowlton, J.D. • Bob Glaves • Zachariah DeMeola

Content is King: Scalable Strategies to Develop Content that Rules
Hanna Kaufman • Drew Jackson • Angela Tripp • Rachel Harris

11:15 am
Small Programs, Big Projects: Practical Tips and Tools for Managing Your Team
Emily Good • LaDierdre McKinney