Notice of Initiation of Rulemaking (April 26, 2008)

Please be advised that, on April 26, 2008, the Legal Services Corporation’s Board of Directors identified “alternative sanctions,” including the following regulations as appropriate subjects for rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1606 (Termination and Debarment Proceedings; Recompetition); and 45 CFR Part 1623 (Suspension) as an appropriate subject for rulemaking. Accordingly, LSC is initiating a rulemaking to consider alternative sanctions as may be appropriate, including revisions to 45 CFR Parts 1606 and 1623 to provide LSC with procedures for reductions in funding of less than 5% of a recipient’s grant and to extend the maximum possible suspension period. The rulemaking is being conducted through a Notice and Comment process but LSC will also be convening a Rulemaking Workshop.

Further information about these rulemakings will be posted on this website.