Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure | Nebraska


Jeff,* a single, low-income father of two, used most of his family’s limited funds to secure an apartment.
Shortly after moving in, he received an eviction notice giving his family three days to vacate. Jeff soon discovered that all 24 tenants in the apartment complex had received the same notice.

As it turned out, Jeff’s landlord had been illegally renting apartments for two years after his complex had been foreclosed, continuing to accept rental payments and deposits without the mortgage company’s knowledge.

With no extra funds to secure housing and homeless shelters in the area already overcrowded due to a recent snowstorm, Jeff’s family was in a crisis. He and many other tenants contacted Legal Aid of Nebraska (LAN) for help.

LAN attorneys stepped in and helped the clients reach a settlement with Fannie Mae. Jeff’s family and the other tenants were granted three more months in their apartments and financial assistance to help with their move. LAN attorneys also provided housing counseling, advising tenants at foreclosure on their housing rights in order to avoid future landlord/tenant issues.

*Names have been changed

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