Resolutions 1995

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Resolution Number Date Title
1995-017 12-18-95 Resolution: Regarding FY 1996 funding policy
1995-016 12-18-95 Resolution: Regarding timekeeping regulation
1995-015 11-10-95 Resolution: Establishing of a special litigation committee to act for the board on certain decisions regarding Wilkinson v. LSC
1995-014 10-06-95 Resolution: Regarding budget "Mark" for FY 1997
1995-013 10-06-95 Resolution: Regarding Management and Administration and the Office of the Inspector General FY 1996 temporary operating budget
1995-012 10-06-95 Resolution: Reallocating of funds in the Management and Administration Budget
1995-011 06-25-95 Resolution: Regarding timekeeping
1995-010 06-25-95 Resolution: Regarding competition
1995-009 06-25-95 Resolution: Regarding certain eviction proceedings
1995-008 06-25-95 Resolution: Authorizing the president's receipt of compensation from an outside source
1995-007 06-25-95 Resolution: Regarding Class actions
1995-006 06-25-95 Resolution: Regarding Budget priorities
1995-005 06-14-95 Resolution: Establishing a funding policy implementing the $15,000,000 rescission of the corporation's FY 1995 appropriations
1995-004 05-12-95 Resolution: Regarding the jurisdiction of Board Committees
1995-003 05-12-95 Resolution: Transfer of certain audit responsibilities to the Office of Inspector General
1995-002 03-17-95 Resolution: Amending the corporations by-laws
1995-001 01-28-95 Resolution: Regarding grants under the 1995-96 Law School Civil Clinical Program