Saving a Home for a Cancer Survivor

Legal Services of Alabama

The Legal Services Corporation and its grantees have been expanding access to civil legal aid for 40 years. Below is a client story detailing how one family has been impacted by the work of legal service attorneys at Legal Services of Alabama.

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The Smiths*, an Alabama family, were falling behind on their mortgage payments. Mrs. Smith, a cancer patient, could not work because of her illness. They turned to the Anniston office of Legal Services of Alabama (LSA) for help.

While LSA negotiated with one branch of the mortgage service provider to work out payment modifications, another branch foreclosed and purchased the Smiths’ property. The mortgage servicers also filed an ejectment action.

LSC represented the Smiths in the ejectment action, pursuing the defenses available to the client. The court ordered mediation. Prior to the mediation date, the Anniston office of LSA obtained a settlement agreement reinstating the mortgage, forgiving the past due balance of approximately $20,000, and reducing the monthly payment and interest rate by more than half.

The Smiths were able to keep their home during a difficult period of their lives after receiving much-needed legal representation from LSA.

*Names have been changed



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