Helping Veteran Rebuild After Returning From Service | Maine

Video: Q & A with veteran Bryan Noyes, a former Pine Tree Legal Aid client

Pine Tree Legal Assistance and other LSC-funded legal organizations across America help low-income clients access the civil justice system. LSC-grantee clients include veterans and military families, homeowners and renters, families with children, farmers, the disabled, and the elderly.

In 2014, LSC grantees helped 1.9 million people.

When Bryan Noyes returned to Maine after military deployment, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and faced significant barriers to establishing financial stability.

While struggling to support himself, Bryan discovered that he was heavily in debt. He turned to Pine Tree Legal Assistance for help.

Pine Tree Legal’s attorneys helped Bryan repair his credit and legally recover from crippling debt. “[Pine Tree Legal Aid has] helped me move on with my life,” Bryan said. “The assistance I gained from Pine Tree Legal Aid was priceless.”

Today, Bryan is back in school with steady employment. He shares Pine Tree Legal Aid’s veteran resources, like, with other members of the military in need of legal help.



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