Status of FOIA Requests and Responses 2021

FOIA Reference Number Date Request Received Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Response to Request Status of Request
2021-01 10-26-2020 Requesting a copy of the Thank you letter that was sent to the Board of Directors for Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc. following the Program Engagement visit beginning in September 2020  12-14-2020

FOIA Letter 1 (2021-01)

Responsive Doc 1 (2021-01)

2021-02 10-26-2020 Requesting notes, agreements, and correspondence regarding case with Mark Silverman of Milwaukee Legal Action from a visit in early March 2019 12-14-2020

FOIA Letter 1 (2021-02)

2021-03 10-27-2020 Requesting copies of reports to the Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Legal Aid Serice of Collier County and Coast to Coast Legal Aid Service of South Florida from 2017-2020 12-23-2020


No response from requester 
2021-04 11-03-2020 Requesting Grant applications for Legal Services of North Florida, Bay Area Legal Aid and the Legal Services of Greater Miami 01-27-2021

 FOIA Letter 1 (2021-04)

Responsive Doc 1 (2021-04)

2021-05 11-11-2020 Requesting notices, correspondence, or any documents regarding Florida Statute 812.173 12-23-2020

FOIA Letter 1 (2021-05)

2021-06 12-23-2020 Requesting outstanding, uncashed, stale dated checks greater than $500 01-14-2021

FOIA Letter 1 (2021-06)

2021-07 12-10-2020 Requesting LSC Grantee Data for CY 2019 01-27-2021

FOIA Letter 1 (2021-07) 

2021-08 12-12-2020 Requesting the letter that was sent to Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida Board of Directors on December 12, 2020  01-15-2021

 FOIA Letter 1 (2021-08)

Responsive Doc 1 (2021-08)

2021-09 02-01-2021 Requesting information regarding the legal aid program (Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.) under which someone was provided legal aid in each of their cases in Illinois State Courts and Federal Court  02-22-2021 FOIA Letter 1 (2021-09)   Closed

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