Children’s Welfare

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley's (LSHV) client Jenni’s* husband was physically abusive to her and had an alcohol and pill problem. Her husband was also an absentee father, and as a result of his drug use, contributed to a significant mental health issue for Jenni’s daughter as he would...Read more
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Elizabeth* is the Johnson* family’s ninth foster child. In 2011, she was placed with the Johnson family days after her birth because of prenatal exposure to heroin, cigarettes, and alcohol. Although the Johnsons were thrilled to adopt the energetic child they were concerned about how to pay for...Read more
Maria was referred to the Northwest Colorado Legal Services Project (NCLSP) by the women’s shelter where she was staying with her children. Her husband brought her to America and did not allow her to leave their home during the ten years of their marriage. Maria fled to the shelter and sought a...Read more
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Rebecca*, a young mother, was trapped in an abusive marriage. One night, Rebecca’s husband became angry with her. He began pushing her, banging her head into walls, and slamming her onto the floor. Rebecca tried to sneak out of the house after her husband calmed down. He caught her and attacked her...Read more
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When Maria’s* sister died, she immediately volunteered to take in her minor nieces and nephew, ages 10, 7, and 4. Although Maria was already raising three children of her own on a very limited income, she knew she had to help them - the children had no one else. The father of the younger children...Read more
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Mary* is a single mother with three children. She uses the Section 8 voucher program for rental assistance because her job doesn’t pay enough to cover rent. One day Mary received a notice that she had lost her Section 8 voucher. Having never received a re-certification notice in the mail, she was...Read more
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Ms. Hayes* is the single mother of a two-year-old with Marshall Smith Syndrome , a debilitating illness characterized by unusual accelerated skeletal maturation (usually starting before birth) and symptoms include growth problems, respiratory difficulties, and slow mental/motor development. As a...Read more
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David* entered the foster care system at birth, 19 years ago. He spent the first three years of his life in a foster home before he was adopted. However, David was physically abused by his adoptive parents for the next 13 years. When David was 16, his high school teacher noticed the bruises on his...Read more
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Mai* is a young Hmong-American mother who speaks limited English. She decided to leave Wisconsin with her child to escape an abusive marriage, fleeing to Minneapolis, MN. In Minneapolis, Mai obtained a restraining order against her husband and was granted temporary sole legal custody of their child...Read more
Mr. Harrison,* a Gulf War Veteran, had not seen his children in two years and was feeling very depressed and helpless about the situation. Following an acrimonious divorce in which Mr. Harrison was not represented by an attorney, he had not been allowed visitation rights with his son and daughter...Read more