Disability Rights

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Thomas* is elderly, disabled, and living in subsidized housing. Thomas was on the verge of losing his housing and his subsidy because of rental arrears. He was unable to manage his limited disability income and was about to become homeless. Thomas contacted Legal Services Law Line of Vermont, Inc...Read more
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Ms. Davis*, an elderly woman, lived in a trailer on a rural piece of land she inherited from her dad. She was developmentally disabled and had recently experienced a series of strokes that further limited her abilities. Ms. Davis allowed Jacob*, her adult son, to move into the trailer. Soon after...Read more
Zeke*, a 54-year-old man with HIV, requested assistance to terminate an adult guardianship. The court had appointed a guardian for him, a woman he had never actually met in person, because of his mental health issues. Zeke had been confined to a nursing home facility, even though he was receiving...Read more
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Disabled veteran Lenny* was in danger of having service terminated by the local utility company. Lenny attempted to file his own pro se bankruptcy petition to prevent the termination, but was unable to fully understand the process or the paperwork. The court allowed Lenny two weeks to file his...Read more
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NLSP’s investigation revealed that the landlord had targeted disabled and homeless veterans to occupy substandard housing units, in addition to managing several Community Residential Facilities (CRF) for severely disabled residents. The landlord had failed to properly administer medications or provide adequate food for residents, and failed to pay CRF employees a legal wage or pay rent on the CRF, creating a risk that residents could be evicted.Read more
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Paul Roberts,* a Navy veteran, received a $27,716 bill from the South Carolina Division of the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). The VA incorrectly claimed that Paul did not report his Social Security disability benefits when he filed his taxes, and had informed the IRS of the alleged debt...Read more
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Dwayne*, an elderly disabled veteran, was living in a nursing home when he was served a Notice of Involuntary Transfer or Discharge. Dwayne could not stand unassisted, was incontinent and confined to a wheelchair, and otherwise needed care beyond what his family could provide at home. His insurance...Read more
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Mr. Johnson* is an elderly and disabled veteran. He turned to Colorado Legal Services (CLS) for help with a judicial foreclosure filed by the veterans' Home Owner's Association (HOA). The HOA had levied numerous fines against Mr. Johnson based on the home use of a small bus needed because of his...Read more