Elder Law

Vermont Graphic
Thomas* is elderly, disabled, and living in subsidized housing. Thomas was on the verge of losing his housing and his subsidy because of rental arrears. He was unable to manage his limited disability income and was about to become homeless. Thomas contacted Legal Services Law Line of Vermont, Inc...Read more
OREGON Graphic
Ms. Davis*, an elderly woman, lived in a trailer on a rural piece of land she inherited from her dad. She was developmentally disabled and had recently experienced a series of strokes that further limited her abilities. Ms. Davis allowed Jacob*, her adult son, to move into the trailer. Soon after...Read more
South Dakota Graphic
Steve*, a Vietnam War veteran, went to Dakota Plains Legal Services, Inc. (DPLS) for help obtaining guardianship for his Native American mother, who was hospitalized with a broken hip. After DPLS helped Steve obtain guardianship, he encountered problems getting his mother admitted to a nursing home...Read more
Phyllis*, an elderly veteran, was disabled, homeless, and losing hope. While living on the streets Phyllis lost her identification card and all her personal paperwork. As a result, she was unable to apply for food stamps, housing, and other assistance. Phyllis went to Stand Down – a program...Read more
photo elderly client
Ms. Martinez* is 74-year-old woman with a heart condition who only speaks Spanish. She had a Section 8 subsidized housing voucher, and had been living in her apartment for 20 years. Ms. Martinez’s daughter had always helped her make sure her bills were paid on time. When her daughter unexpectedly...Read more
First American Credit Union (FACU) had taken the money from her account, which consisted entirely of social security benefits and federal civil service retirement benefits, claiming she owed them for a past debt. Tom, an elderly Navajo woman with limited English-speaking abilities and a hearing...Read more
Montana Graphic
Bob* is an elderly disabled veteran living in a federally subsidized low-income housing, with only his Social Security as income. In early winter, he received a letter informing him that his rent would double, effective in one month. The doubled rent would take up 71% of his income, leaving very...Read more
Velma was approved for a loan despite having only Social Security income. After receiving the loan, she repaid the full amount borrowed, but she still owed a great deal of money in interest. When confronted with the choice of paying for her medication or her payday loan, Velma chose her health. She paid an extra fee at the bank to stop the automatic withdrawal of the loan payment.Read more