Tennessee Graphic
During the summer in Memphis, TN, with scorching temperatures above 100 degrees, residents of a low-income trailer park faced termination of their utilities because the landlord had failed to the pay the utility bill. Six of the trailer park’s residents contacted Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. (...Read more
Vermont Graphic
Thomas* is elderly, disabled, and living in subsidized housing. Thomas was on the verge of losing his housing and his subsidy because of rental arrears. He was unable to manage his limited disability income and was about to become homeless. Thomas contacted Legal Services Law Line of Vermont, Inc...Read more
Washington Graphic
Paul*, a veteran and single father with three teenage children, was deemed ineligible for a project-based voucher waitlist by a local housing authority because of “poor rental history” and “misrepresentation of criminal history.” Paul contacted Northwest Justice Project (NJP) for help in reversing...Read more
OREGON Graphic
Ms. Davis*, an elderly woman, lived in a trailer on a rural piece of land she inherited from her dad. She was developmentally disabled and had recently experienced a series of strokes that further limited her abilities. Ms. Davis allowed Jacob*, her adult son, to move into the trailer. Soon after...Read more
Minnesota Graphic
Barbara*, a disabled 60-year-old veteran, was facing eviction and the loss of her Section 8 voucher. She was being evicted because her building had a persistent bed bug problem. Her landlord agreed that she was not the source of the bed bugs, however, because of her disability, she had a hard time...Read more
Mississippi graphic
In early 2012, John* reached out to his mortgage company to request a reduction of his monthly note due to a reduction in his income. After sending multiple documents to support a loan modification application and talking with multiple representatives, John finally received an offer for a...Read more
New Hampshire Graphic
Bill* is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who lost both legs while serving his country. When the 55-year-old vet called the Legal Advice & Referral Center (LARC) in October 2013, he and his wife were on the verge of losing their rented home in Manchester, NH. The landlord had obtained an eviction...Read more
Tony*, a homeless Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD and other disabling conditions, was approved for a special housing voucher. His doctor from the Veterans Affairs office recommended he have an emotional support/service animal to assist in living successfully in his new housing. Tony found his...Read more
Alabama Graphic
The Smiths*, an Alabama family, were falling behind on their mortgage payments. Mrs. Smith, a cancer patient, could not work because of her illness. They turned to the Anniston office of Legal Services of Alabama (LSA) for help. While LSA negotiated with one branch of the mortgage service provider...Read more
nebraska graphic
Jeff,* a single, low-income father of two, used most of his family’s limited funds to secure an apartment. Shortly after moving in, he received an eviction notice giving his family three days to vacate. Jeff soon discovered that all 24 tenants in the apartment complex had received the same notice...Read more