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Disabled veteran Lenny* was in danger of having service terminated by the local utility company. Lenny attempted to file his own pro se bankruptcy petition to prevent the termination, but was unable to fully understand the process or the paperwork. The court allowed Lenny two weeks to file his...Read more
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Ms. Martinez* is 74-year-old woman with a heart condition who only speaks Spanish. She had a Section 8 subsidized housing voucher, and had been living in her apartment for 20 years. Ms. Martinez’s daughter had always helped her make sure her bills were paid on time. When her daughter unexpectedly...Read more
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NLSP’s investigation revealed that the landlord had targeted disabled and homeless veterans to occupy substandard housing units, in addition to managing several Community Residential Facilities (CRF) for severely disabled residents. The landlord had failed to properly administer medications or provide adequate food for residents, and failed to pay CRF employees a legal wage or pay rent on the CRF, creating a risk that residents could be evicted.Read more
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After Mr. Williams* broke his back, the Williams family struggled to keep their home. Mrs. Williams was fully employed, and served as the primary provider while her husband sought social security disability. Their three teenage children had part-time jobs while attending school. But the family fell...Read more
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Bob* is an elderly disabled veteran living in a federally subsidized low-income housing, with only his Social Security as income. In early winter, he received a letter informing him that his rent would double, effective in one month. The doubled rent would take up 71% of his income, leaving very...Read more
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In 2011, Hurricane Irene severely damaged Mr. Smith’s* Collegeville home. Mr. Smith, a single father, incurred relocation costs and experienced significant delays in receiving assistance from FEMA and his insurance company. In the meantime, Mr. Smith began to use his own funds to begin repairing...Read more
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When Linda’s * elderly mother grew ill with a terminal sickness, Linda moved into the old family home in a rural area of Georgia to take care of her. She learned that no one had been paying the property taxes on the home, and was shocked to discover the property had been sold at a tax sale. Linda...Read more
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Several years after purchasing their home in Prince George's County, Mr. and Mrs. S. were experiencing financial difficulties and were in default on their mortgage. They were contacted by an individual who assured them that his company could help them refinance— and keep—their home. Desperate to...Read more
Linda’s* 16-year-old nephew, Joseph* had lived with his grandmother in Section 8 housing since he was three years old. When his grandmother passed away, her Section 8 voucher became invalid. Joseph was suddenly facing eviction from the only home he ever knew. Seeking help, his Aunt Linda contacted...Read more
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After Linda* lost her job, she was still able to keep up with her mortgage payments. And things began to look up when she secured a job interview. However, on the day of her interview, Linda suffered a massive heart attack. Still unemployed, Linda had to navigate mountains of health care bills from...Read more