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Allen was born with kidney failure. At six months old, he was one of the youngest people in the Missouri to receive a kidney transplant and he has been on medications his entire life. Allen is now 34 and his kidney is failing again. He must have a new kidney or he will die. His sister is a match...Read more
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Gina* had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had just started a new job, but had no health insurance. After applying for and obtaining coverage through Medicaid, Gina went through cycles of chemotherapy and had a mastectomy. Gina’s health began to improve, but she still had a port in her arm...Read more
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Ella*, an elderly Native American woman, passed away in 2006. She owned a large Individual Indian Money Account, which was held in trust by the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI). When Ella’s estate was probated in 2010, two of her heirs had died. Alice* and Mary*, the decedents’ heirs, completed...Read more