Legal Services of the Hudson Valley's (LSHV) client Jenni’s* husband was physically abusive to her and had an alcohol and pill problem. Her husband was also an absentee father, and as a result of his drug use, contributed to a significant mental health issue for Jenni’s daughter as he would...Read more
Legal Services of the Hudson Valley's (LSHV) client, Sylvia* is the paternal grandmother of three children whose parents are heroin addicts who have each had several incarcerations. LSHV represented the Sylvia in obtaining guardianship of the minor children after Child Protective Services became...Read more
Our client, Sally* came to us with a foreclosure case. She was struggling financially for several reasons, including the fact that she was paying for several stays in drug rehab for her son. Consequently, she fell behind in her mortgage and went into foreclosure. Also during that time, sadly, she...Read more