Video of 164331553 2016 White House Forum -Remarks by Hon. Patrick J. Murphy Video of 158637771 Congressional Briefing Showcases the Importance of Meeting Veterans’ Legal Needs Video of 130583643 Serving Those Who Have Served Our Country - Bryan Noyes, Veteran, former Pine Tree Legal Aid client...Read more
On Veterans Day, we honor those who honored our country with their service and sacrifice. They have earned our enduring respect and gratitude, and, when they need it, they should get help obtaining the benefits and assistance they are entitled to and so richly deserve.Read more
Washington Graphic
Paul*, a veteran and single father with three teenage children, was deemed ineligible for a project-based voucher waitlist by a local housing authority because of “poor rental history” and “misrepresentation of criminal history.” Paul contacted Northwest Justice Project (NJP) for help in reversing...Read more
South Dakota Graphic
Steve*, a Vietnam War veteran, went to Dakota Plains Legal Services, Inc. (DPLS) for help obtaining guardianship for his Native American mother, who was hospitalized with a broken hip. After DPLS helped Steve obtain guardianship, he encountered problems getting his mother admitted to a nursing home...Read more
Michigan Graphic
Logan*, a 51-year-old homeless veteran, had zero income and had recently been cut off food stamps and Medicaid. His physical and mental disabilities prevented him from complying with program reporting requirements. Logan contacted Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM) for help finding...Read more
Minnesota Graphic
Barbara*, a disabled 60-year-old veteran, was facing eviction and the loss of her Section 8 voucher. She was being evicted because her building had a persistent bed bug problem. Her landlord agreed that she was not the source of the bed bugs, however, because of her disability, she had a hard time...Read more
New Hampshire Graphic
Bill* is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who lost both legs while serving his country. When the 55-year-old vet called the Legal Advice & Referral Center (LARC) in October 2013, he and his wife were on the verge of losing their rented home in Manchester, NH. The landlord had obtained an eviction...Read more
texas graphic
David*, a retired Vietnam War veteran on a fixed income, purchased a car on a 72-month lease. As the note neared maturity, David received a notice that the loan had been extended for nearly a year. David tried to resolve the issue himself, contacting the Better Business Bureau and attempting to...Read more
Most of John’s* income came from veterans’ benefits since he was unable to work regularly. John’s only other source of income came from occasionally repairing the local fire department’s engines. One day John’s* credit union emptied his bank account to pay a debt his wife owed prior to marriage. He...Read more
Tony*, a homeless Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD and other disabling conditions, was approved for a special housing voucher. His doctor from the Veterans Affairs office recommended he have an emotional support/service animal to assist in living successfully in his new housing. Tony found his...Read more