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The Grantee Activity Report (GAR) is the largest and longest running data collection effort on civil legal aid in the United States. Dating back to 1976, the Legal Service Corporation (LSC) has recorded and reported data from our grantees in a variety of ways. GAR data is distributed to the public in the LSC Fact Books, which are now called “By the Numbers.” The data is gathered annually from all grantees on a calendar year basis. Grantees use automated reporting forms that are accessible via the Internet.

Consistent with the White House guidance on the use of administrative data for research and evidence building LSC believes that the data our grantees provide is a critical resource for the legal services community. The data that the LSC Grantees provide make it possible to measure and report on the accomplishments of legal services over extended periods of time and across different areas of the country. The information from the GAR reflect the supply of legal services that can be especially powerful when linked to other sources of data, such as the American Community Survey and other population based data sources, which help identify the “demand” side of the equation. LSC believes that making the data accessible in a variety of formats will help grantees as they explore trends in their own administrative data.

The Grantee Activity Report Data made available here underlies the visualizations provided to grantees on the LSC websites.

More detailed information about the Grantee Activity Report process and guidance can be found here: . If you have any questions about this data, please contact us at

Data File Contents

The Data Files are separated to correspond with the appropriate GAR form module. Data from the Offices, Offices Staffing, Other Services, and Additional Information Related to Cases forms are reported at the Grantee organization level. Expenses, Revenue, Case Services, Open Cases, Client Demographics, and Components of Private Attorney Involvement are provided at the LSC Service Area Level.

The structure of each data file, that is, the names, format, unique values, and label of variables and corresponding GAR form for each data file can be found in the codebook. For variables in numeric format, only the min and max values are provided. For string variables, unique values are displayed. All information provided has been processed to comply with the OMB Open Data Policy.

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Case Services

Number of closed cases by problem category, private attorney involvement, extent of service, etc.

Open Cases

Number of open cases by problem category and private attorney involvement.


Client demographics, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status.


Breakdown of LSC and non-LSC funds by category.


Breakdown of LSC and non-LSC expenditures by category.