Build Data Skills

Build Data Skills | LSC Data

Resources for Working with Your Data

The resources below are intended to help people who are new to data analysis become better acquainted with techniques and tools for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing data. We welcome any suggestions you may have for additions to the guidance and resources on this page. If you are a legal service provider and are willing to share guidance, examples, or templates for the benefit of other programs, we would be interested in featuring that work here. Contact

Gathering Your Data

Proper insight and planning from data requires having solid data to begin with. These resources are aimed at helping you gather a reliable data foundation which you can analyze. Click on a topic below.

Analyzing Your Data

Once you have good data you need good analysis practices to draw out meaningful and actionable insights. These resources are aimed at illuminating and illustrating the process of preparing and analyzing data to attain such insights. Click on a topic below.
Descriptive vs. inferential; reliability and validity; estimate vs. margin of error; don't go fishing.
How reliable is your data? Identify outliers, review volatile trends, beware of small cell sizes, create standardized variables
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Sharing Your Results

The meaningful insights you've gained after carefully gathering and analyzing your data will need to be communicated to various audiences, especially if action is to follow. The resources below are aimed at explaining best practices and strategies for presenting data. Click on a topic below.
  • Watch Dashboards for Legal Aid, a video from the Legas Services National Technology Assistance Project (December 15, 2015).