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Tools and Visualizations for Accessing Data

The tools below are designed to provide easy access to data about the nature of civil legal needs and the services available to address them. This includes dashboards, a tool to quickly access key Census demographic data, and a gallery of thumbnails that link to LSC and non-LSC tools on topics relevant to civil legal aid providers. We welcome comments or suggestions for improving these resources (DataTeam@lsc.gov).


LSC produces a variety of dashboards with the intention of understanding trends in the need for, and provision of, civil legal services. LSC grantees will find these dashboards useful in visualizing their own trends and in comparing their work to national medians or to other organizations. We welcome feedback to DataTeam@lsc.gov on what dashboards would be most helpful.

Quick Census Demographics

This tool provides quick access to a selection of the latest (2017) and most useful American Community Survey (ACS) data points for providers of legal services. 1-year ACS estimates are provided for states and service areas, and 5-year ACS estimates are provided for counties and congressional districts. For additional Census data, see our ACS Data page and American FactFinder.
What data points are available?
How do I use this tool?
Data in this tool
Currently included topics
  • Number of people and rate of poverty
  • Number of people at selected poverty ratios
  • Demographics of people below poverty (sex, age, race, ethnicity, disability) and as a proportion of people below 125% poverty
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Internet access
  • Public health insurance
  • Veteran status.
Note that not all topics are available for each geography type.

Data Sources
Data for states and LSC Service Areas are from ACS 1-year estimates, while data for counties and congressional districts are from ACS 5-year estimates. For more information about the difference between these sample sizes, see this Census page. ACS data are available for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico (not other U.S. territories). However, due to small population sizes, ACS 1-year estimates are not available for California Indian Legal Services (CA-01) or Community Law Office (PR-02).

For more data and/or margins of error
For states, counties, or congressional districts, additional 1-year and 5-year ACS and other demographic data are available at American FactFinder. Additional 1-year and 5-year tables for LSC Service Areas are available on our American Community Survey Data page.

Using this tool

Select a geography type and then a topic. A selection of columns associated with that topic will be added to the table. You may add as many topics to the table as you'd like, or click "Reset Table" to clear the columns (changing the geography will also reset the columns, as not all data points are available for each).

Use the Filter dropdown to show only the rows in a selected state or service area. This allows, for example, an LSC grantee to see county-level poverty statistics for only those counties within (or partially within) her or his service area.

Click a table column header to sort the column. Drag the column header to reorder.

Click the "Download as CSV" button at any time to download the table (CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Note that percents are formatted as decimals).

A brief description of the last-selected topic is shown above the table, and its source is noted below the table. For additional data on the selected topic, or for margins of error, you may search for the topic or table number at American FactFinder or, for LSC Service Areas and states, at our American Community Survey Data page.

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