Regulations Publication History: Part 1602: Procedures for disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act

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Date       TitleCite        
12-16-16Final Rule (Revised)81 FR 91037
12-15-16Final Rule and Request for Comments81 FR 75330
11-17-08Final Rule73 FR 67791
08-14-08Notice of Proposed Rulemaking73 FR 47564
02-14-03Final Rule68 FR 7433
11-18-02Notice of Proposed Rulemaking67 FR 69498
08-03-98Final Rule63 FR 41193
03-09-98Proposed Rule63 FR 11393
09-29-94Final Rule- Withdrawal of Rule59 FR 49584
12-14-93Final Rule- Dealy of Effective Date58 FR 65291
07-09-93Notice of Proposed Rulemaking58 FR 36910
03-24-88Final Rule-Correction53 FR 9726
03-01-88Final Rule53 FR 6151
11-07-78Final Rule43 FR 51785
07-28-78Notice of Proposed Rulemaking43 FR 32827
07-07-76Final Rule- Correction41 FR 27837
11-13-75Final Rule40 FR 52847
09-12-75Notice of Proposed Rulemaking40 FR 42374

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 Rule Procedures for Disclosure of Information Under the Freedom of Information Act
A Rule by the Legal Services Corporation on 10/31/2016 DOCUMENT DETAILS Printed version: PDF Publication Date:10/31/2016Agency: Legal Services Corporation Dates: The final rule is effective on December 15, 2016, unless LSC receives substantive adverse comments during the comment period. Written comments will be accepted until November 30, 2016.Effective Date:12/15/2016Comments Close:11/30/2016Document Type: Rule Document Citation:81 FR 75330Page:75330-75338 (9 pages)CFR:45 CFR 1602Document Number:2016-25832. DOCUMENT DETAILS PUBLISHED DOCUMENT AGENCY: Legal Services Corporation.
ACTION: Final rule, request for comments.