Regulations Publication History: Part 1610: Use of non-LSC funds, transfers of LSC funds, program integrity

The following documents are the Federal Register notices announcing the current and previous versions of the LSC regulations. The supplemental information found in these notices may be useful in understanding the regulations. They are provided for research purposes. Please make sure that you are using the current version of the regulation if you want to know the rules that apply today.

All documents, unless otherwise noted, are available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which may be viewed with a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Date        Title        Cite        
08-07-20Final Rule85 FR 63209
02-10-20Further Proposed Rulemaking85 FR 7518
08-12-19Proposed Rule84 FR 39787
02-10-17Final Rule82 FR 10273
04-26-16Revised Proposed Rule81 FR 24544
04-20-15Proposed Rule80 FR 21692
04-26-10Final Rule75 FR 21506
02-11-10Interim Final Rule75 FR 6816
05-21-97Final Rule62 FR 27695
03-14-97Interim Rule with Request for Comments62 FR 12101
12-02-96Final Rule61 FR 63749
08-29-96Interim Rule with Request for Comments61 FR 45740
08-13-96Interim Rule with Request for Comments61 FR 41960
04-21-93Withdrawal of Proposed Rules58 FR 21434
07-30-92Proposed Rule: Withdrawal57 FR 33698
01-11-89Correction54 FR 1050-1054
01-03-89Proposed Rule54 FR 46
06-23-76Final Rule41 FR 25899
05-05-76Proposed Rule41 FR 18528