Talk Justice, an LSC Podcast, Episode 4: “Eviction and the Pandemic”

Leading eviction expert Emily Benfer joined Legal Services Corporation (LSC) President Ronald S. Flagg on the latest episode of “Talk Justice, an LSC Podcast”. They discussed the devastating impact of eviction on individuals and families. Professor Benfer, a visiting professor at Wake Forest Law... Continue reading >

Partnership Helping Hundreds Avoid Eviction in Polk County

The pandemic has put many Iowans face to face with eviction. But a new partnership has saved hundreds of people facing homelessness in Polk County. “We are concerned about people moving into homelessness. Particularly with the effects of COVID-19 on our economy,” said Angie Arthur, the executive... Continue reading >

More Than 500K Floridians Still Have Not Received Their Pandemic Stimulus Checks

More than 567,000 Floridians are among the estimated 9 million Americans who don’t regularly file taxes and still have not received their pandemic stimulus checks from the federal government. Those $1,200 checks, plus $500 for dependent children 16 or younger, were made available to all Americans... Continue reading >

Facing eviction, Tarpon Springs residents find city leaders' names on the notice

The men in black vests began showing up to Glen’s Eureka apartments in mid-September — soon after the nine-unit building sold to a new owner, local attorney George Andriotis. They hassled residents and asked them when they were moving out, tenants say. They left notices on some doors, warning them... Continue reading >

Landlord challenge to Arizona eviction moratorium denied by state Supreme Court

The Arizona Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal filed by landlords to overturn the state’s eviction moratorium. In August, the Arizona Multihousing Association, the Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona and several rental owners filed to stop the state’s eviction ban, saying it was... Continue reading >

In Houston, Whether Or Not You’re Evicted Can Depend On The Judge

Shemeka Smith is used to helping others. She's a nursing student in Clear Lake and planned to assist elderly people and veterans with social services this year. But that job offer evaporated with the pandemic, so now she's in the uncomfortable position of needing help herself: She got temporary... Continue reading >

Eviction numbers rise in Maricopa County, more federal protections in place

Eviction actions filed the month of September 2020 totaled 2,863, according to information obtained by ABC15 from the Maricopa County Justice Courts. That is a rise from 2,171 filed in August 2020 and a development attorney, Pamela Bridge with Community Legal Services, says it should be a concern... Continue reading >

Know your rights: education during COVID-19 - Legal Services of Eastern Missouri offers advice to parents and students

Whether your school district is still entirely online or moving toward a hybrid or in-person plan, a lot has changed in St. Louis region’s education landscape due to COVID-19. But some things have not changed: if you are a student or a parent or guardian, you have rights from federal and state laws... Continue reading >

Texas Tenants Are Still Struggling To Stop Evictions A Month After Federal Moratorium Was Announced

The CDC’s moratorium doesn’t automatically stop evictions. Tenants have to sign a declaration stating they have sought government assistance and tried to pay their landlords as much rent as they can, among other requirements . Landlords can still take tenants to court to contest the eviction... Continue reading >

Tenant advocates say further action needed to protect renters during COVID-19 pandemic

Some tenant advocates say Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest executive order extending the residential eviction moratorium until January 1, 2021 doesn’t go far enough. In March , Governor Cuomo put out his first residential eviction moratorium executive order. In June, he signed the Tenant Safe Harbor... Continue reading >