Wisconsin's Civil Legal Aid Providers Need More Support

Throughout Wisconsin and in Dane County, legal aid providers such as Legal Action of Wisconsin, the Legal Aid Society, Judicare, the Dane County Bar Association, as well as the State Bar of Wisconsin have quickly adapted to serve as many people as they can through remote client consultations,... Continue reading >

Renters Scramble as Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts Lifts Halt on Evictions

It’s a move that’s left renters across Nebraska scrambling; Wednesday Governor Pete Ricketts doubled down on his decision to not extend the halt on eviction hearings past May. “It’s pretty scary because while it was suspended all these accrued charges came with it. After the 31st we’re expected to... Continue reading >

Rhode Island Courts Adapt to Pandemic Restrictions

The courts have been closed to all but emergency matters. Judges are conducting conferences by telephone and video. Lawyers, sheriffs, and judges are wearing face masks, and jury trials have been put on hold. Supreme Court Justice Paul A. Suttell on Friday ordered the courts to remain closed to... Continue reading >

Courts: Remote, Open and in Between

How civil courts are operating during the pandemic has varied widely from state to state – and sometimes from county to county. Colleen Cotter, executive director of the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, said the approach of Ohio courts has run the gamut. Some have continued holding in-person... Continue reading >

Lawyers Prepare for Deluge of Eviction Cases

City officials and non-profit organizations are gearing up to support what is likely to be a massive influx of eviction cases when courts reopen on June 1. Leading those efforts is Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and Tenant rights lawyer Christina Trejo, who is the team manager for the community housing... Continue reading >

Newest Stimulus Bill Likely Dead but Support for Legal Aid Funding Lives

Legal aid received another $50 million boost in funding as part of the new economic stimulus bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, but while the measure is expected to stall in the U.S. Senate, support to appropriate additional money for legal services appears strong on both... Continue reading >

Uber Drivers and Other Gig Workers Struggle for Unemployment Insurance

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, demand for rides has fallen so much that on many days drivers can’t get enough business to make it worth getting in the car. Millions of people who make a living from gig work — like driving for Uber or renting rooms on Airbnb — now have a lifeline. They are... Continue reading >

Conway Renter Says Landlord Tried to Illegally Force Him Out

Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Conway resident Milton Light was making good money working as a coiled tubing operator in the oil fields near Odessa, Texas. His hours were cut in March due to the pandemic and was eventually laid off April 3, He told his landlord in late March that he would have... Continue reading >

Experts Tackle Questions Over Unemployment and Returning to Work in Arizona

ABC15's Rebound Arizona team took viewer questions to unemployment attorneys Nina Targovnik and Amanda Caldwell, with Community Legal Services of Arizona. Watch here. Continue reading >

Delays for Injured Spouses' Checks Compound Virus Woes

Past-due child support is the only reason the Internal Revenue Service can offset the economic impact payments that Congress approved in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. In some cases, however, the IRS has garnished payments that should have gone to so-called injured spouses... Continue reading >