Montana Supreme Court Chair Predicts Rise in Demand for Legal Services

As the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis grow daily, health and economic hardships can quickly develop into legal problems, for which most Montana families are completely unprepared. Legal problems can be the breaking point when added to the stress and heartbreak employees, contract workers, small... Continue reading >

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Attorney Pens Op-Ed on COVID-19 Paid Leave Law

As Texas reopens, most workers who cannot work remotely are understandably worried about their health and safety. Some do not know whether it’s better to stay home for the health of their families, or go back to work to keep their job and pay for necessities. While hardly perfect, new COVID-19... Continue reading >

Legal Experts Predict Spike in Personal Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy attorneys say it’s not a question of if, but when an onslaught of personal bankruptcy filings will come. Consumer protection attorney Susan Ingles of South Carolina Legal Services said the scenario is similar to that of a natural disaster when unexpected bills mount and the ability to... Continue reading >

LSC Briefing: Domestic Violence and Civil Legal Services during the Coronavirus Pandemic

LSC held a virtual briefing on Domestic Violence and Civil Legal Services during the Coronavirus Pandemic on May 11. Representatives Susan W. Brooks (IN-5), Gwen Moore (WI-4) and David Price (NC-4) joined Supreme Court of North Carolina Chief Justice Cheri Beasley spoke about the importance of... Continue reading >

Lawyers Offer Free Assistance to Underserved During Pandemic

Several nonprofit organizations and law firms are offering an array of free legal services, from estate planning to business reopening guidance, for those in need. Ashley Lowe, chief executive officer of Lakeshore Legal Aid , said while their 14 brick-and-mortar offices in southeast Michigan are... Continue reading >

We Must Prepare for COVID Legal Crisis

With the state projecting to lose over 50,000 jobs, Montanans who never before applied for public benefits now find themselves navigating a complex system. Service providers like the Montana Legal Services Association and local domestic violence organizations, together with the help of many... Continue reading >

Parents Struggle to Help Students With Disabilities at Home

As the coronavirus increasingly spread across the country, school districts took different approaches to learning. Some decided to postpone school until it could be in person. Others created material with their lowest-performing students in mind. Others decided not to use virtual methods at all. In... Continue reading >

Slowest States in Handling Jobless Claims?

Labor Department data show Florida lags all other states, with about 74%, of initial claims filed through the week ending April 25 not yet advanced to the insured unemployed caseload. Kentucky also continues to struggle. The 61% of claims that are still unprocessed suggest that many eligible for... Continue reading >

Some Face Rent Hikes and Apartment Hunts Amid COVID-19

It is not a great time to hunt for an apartment, but some people in West Allis were trying to after getting a notice that their rent was going up. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers' order placed a ban on evictions for unpaid rent, but there was no moratorium on property owners raising tenants' rent Raphael... Continue reading >

First Responders Have Been Given Personal Information on Virginia COVID-19 Patients for Weeks

For six weeks , the Virginia Department of Health has been allowing local health districts to release the names and addresses of individuals with COVID-19 to 911 dispatch centers. “The whole issue of PPE, for everyone, was an issue, and certainly, for first responders, there was a lot of concern... Continue reading >