Service Areas in Competition for 2019 Grant Awards

March 15, 2018 (All day)

In accordance with our multi-year funding policy, Basic Field Grant applications for calendar year 2019 funding will be accepted only for specified service areas. To see all of our service areas in any given state or U.S. territory, visit the LSC Service Areas map.

Below are the service areas in competition for the 2019 grant awards. This information is also available on the Federal Register.

State or Territory

Service Area(s)

Alabama AL-4
American Samoa AS-1
Arizona AZ-2, NAZ-5
California CA-2, CA-19, CA-26, CA-29, CA-30
Colorado CO-6, MCO, NCO-1
Delaware MDE
Florida FL-5, FL-13, FL-14, FL-15, FL-16, FL-17, FL-18, MFL
Georgia GA-1, GA-2, MGA
Hawaii HI-1, NHI-1
Illinois IL-6, MIL
Indiana IN-5, MIN
Louisiana LA-15
Maryland MD-1, MMD
Massachusetts MA-12
Minnesota MN-1
Mississippi MS-9, MS-10, NMS-1
Missouri MO-3, MO-7, NMO
Montana MT-1, MMT, NMT-1
New Jersey NJ-8
New Mexico NM-1, NNM-2
New York NY-7, NY-20, NY-21, NY-22, NY-23, NY-24, MNY
North Carolina NC-5, MNC, NNC-1
North Dakota ND-3, NND-3
Oklahoma OK-3, MOK
Pennsylvania PA-1, PA-8, PA-11, PA-23, PA-26, MPA
Puerto Rico PR-1, MPR
South Carolina SC-8, MSC
South Dakota SD-4, NSD-1
Texas TX-14
Wyoming WY-4, NWY-1