Families in Airbnbs and Hotels Left out of Gov. Whitmer's Eviction Ban

April 27, 2020

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order halting evictions for nonpayment of rent is intended to protect people for whom the pandemic has made it nearly impossible to make ends meet. However, housing advocates say it fails to protect people living in hotels or Airbnbs because of the nature of the relationship. They're most likely considered an innkeeper-guest relationship, instead of a landlord-tenant relationship, which comes with extra protection.

“The problem is those living out of hotels are under another set of laws. If a guest is one or two days late in paying, a hotel owner doesn’t have to go to court and can remove guests’ belongings. There is very little protection for them,” said Joon Sung, systemic advocacy director at Lakeshore Legal Aid.

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