Eviction Warnings Cause Fear and Confusion for California Renters

April 28, 2020

Despite California’s freeze on most evictions during the COVID-19 crisis, some landlords are sending legal notices saying they’ll start the eviction process unless the tenant pays up within 72 hours — or moves out. 

“It’s still very frightening to most tenants to get this notice. It’s telling them, ‘If you don’t do one of these two things, we will start legal action against you,’" said Sarah Steinheimer, regional counsel with Legal Services of Northern California.

On April 6, the Judicial Council of California, the policy-making body of the state’s courts, suspended most eviction and foreclosure proceedings statewide until 90 days after the coronavirus state of emergency is lifted. It's ruling, however, allowed landlords to start the eviction process for tenants who fail to pay rent. 

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