Gainesville Groups Helping Homeless

June 1, 2020

Members of the Gainesville and Hall County communities have been trying to spread the word to people who may not realize they are eligible for these economic impact payments. 

“It’s come to our attention through our partners, the (Internal Revenue Service), and other entities that many people across the nation and including those in Hall County have not been receiving their benefits because they do not have a forwarding address or do not have a bank account or something to that effect,” said Phillippa Lewis Moss, the director of the Gainesville-Hall County Community Service Center. 

Wendy Glasbrenner, managing attorney of the Georgia Legal Services Program’s Gainesville field office, said: "a lot of our clients don’t have access to the internet, so some of them we’ve had to do that for them, try to figure out where they are in the system and whether it’s going to work for them to get the stimulus check by direct deposit."

"We have helped a handful of clients since the payments started going out by walking them through the system and checking with the IRS. The number to call for help is 1-833-457-7529," said Glasbrenner.  

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