Landlords Are Threatening Tenants With Eviction During COVID-19

June 15, 2020

Despite efforts by many jurisdictions to halt evictions either through formal moratoriums or court closures, some landlords have taken matters into their own hands with illegal "self-help" evictions and have been harassing and intimidating tenants who are unable to pay rent — many due to pandemic-related job loss — to get them out. 

Amanda Golob, managing attorney of the housing law unit at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services in New Orleans, said her office had seen several abusive tactics from landlords, including changing locks, cutting utilities, refusing to make essential repairs and constant harassment via phone calls and text messages: "They are creating an environment that forces the tenant to leave on their own."

Being pushed out of your home is problematic at any point, but especially during a pandemic, said Shamus Roller, executive director of the National Housing Law Project.

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