Long Beach Holds Off on Extending Eviction Ban

July 9, 2020

Long Beach’s current ban on evictions due to nonpayment — in place since March to protect renters from displacement during the coronavirus pandemic — is set to expire July 31, and it’s unclear whether it will be extended.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has so far allowed local governments to ban evictions through Sept. 30.

Part of the reason the City Council voted to hold off on a potential extension is that it’s currently unclear, according to Deputy City Attorney Rich Anthony, whether the county’s law would take over if Long Beach simply let its version expire.

Mike Murchison, who advocates for property owners, said he hoped the City Council would look at other ideas to help tenants before extending the moratorium. He said rental assistance programs, like the one offering up to $1,000 per month for up to three months for certain renters, will end up leaving the landlords of tenants who don’t qualify in the lurch. 

Council members signaled that their preference — whether for the sake of clarity or the purpose of added protection for renters — would be to align with whatever direction the county takes.

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