Arizona Eviction Enforcement Delay Is Too Late for Some

July 20, 2020

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's new executive order extends the delay for rental eviction enforcement.

The new deadline extends protections to August 22, unless renters take steps to meet new requirements. Then the protections can continue to October 31. 

Pamela Bridge, an attorney with the non-profit Community Legal Services says the delay is a good idea. But she worries that renters will not know how to meet the new requirements to get that extended eviction enforcement delay. 

Bridge says there are three steps renters must now take. The first one had been required in the first executive order-Tenants must notify landlords they have a COVID-19-related circumstance. The landlord does not have to accept it, but the tenant will be able to show in writing that they provided a repayment plan. And it should be meaningful so it can stand up if contested.

Some agencies have millions of dollars for renters that have not yet been allocated. There is a concern over how renters can prove they sent an application? "Hopefully, they will have something showing an application is completed, and you will be able to show that," Bridge says.

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