Protection From Evictions Extended

July 21, 2020

Arizona Gov. Dough Ducey threw residents a lifeline in March, blocking people affected by COVID-19 from being evicted from their homes. That order was scheduled to expire on July 22, but has been extended by the governor through Oct. 31.

Mr. Davis said the new order extending that expiration date to Oct. 31 gives the courts additional time to plan for whatever might come after that date. 

“No one wants to see people lose their housing; the intent of the governor’s orders has been to give temporary protection from eviction to those who meet certain criteria. Landlords and tenants both will have opinions on what is right and what is just, and what situations qualify for this protection,” Mr. Davis said.

Any number of things are possible after that time, one of which could be a tremendous surge in eviction filings, or perhaps a catchup period where many of those unfiled eviction cases make their way to court at the end of the year.

Mr. Davis said the courts cannot predict; they can only plan for the possibility.

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