Can You Be Evicted Right Now During Pandemic? It Depends

The end of another month is causing anxiety for renters who may not be able to pay their landlords on May 1. With unemployment numbers continuing to rise across North Carolina during the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who will struggle to write a rent check next week is also rising, causing renters statewide to wonder if they will be kicked out of their homes.

"It is very confusing because it’s a combination of a court order from our North Carolina Chief Justice Cheri Beasley as well as a court order that changed things for certain landlords. We have seen across the state more and more landlords trying to evict tenants outside of the court process. That is never legal in North Carolina. It is never legal to try to evict a tenant by changing the locks or turning off the utilities or boarding up the windows,” said Peter Gilbert, supervising attorney for Legal Aid of North Carolina.

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