COVID-19’s Looming Eviction Crisis Will Devastate Women

COVID-19 is quickly becoming a women’s eviction crisis. Women are more likely than men to be evicted, and especially women of color. Eviction has always impacted women of color at higher rates than any other group in part because of the intersections of racism and sexism.

In poor Black and Latinx neighborhoods, “eviction is to women what incarceration is to men,” Princeton sociologist Matthew Desmond wrote in his 2016 book “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.” In fact, sometimes these crises are intertwined: The disproportionate effect of mass incarceration on Black and Latinx men means they are usually not considered viable leaseholders. Often, this means a wife or girlfriend will put the lease in her name, and when they are evicted, the eviction is filed against her.

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