Eviction Cases Resume Leaving Many Renters and Landlords in Crisis

Eviction dockets are back open in Tulsa County, and many residents are finding themselves with court dates.

Now that eviction cases are again facing a judge, many are in predicaments either unable to pay rent because of COVID-19 unemployment, or landlords unable to make ends meet without renter's paying up. 

"What we saw in the system, because of Tulsa's high rate of evictions, the system really relies on tenants not knowing their rights and not demanding their rights," Roni Amit, Assistant Clinical Professor of law at TU said.

Tulsa County District Judge, Caroline Wall said renters often don't know help is available.

"We've got three agencies on site here now, as you've seen with the social distance rooms, and that includes Still She Rises, volunteer attorneys that serve special needs of our community, then we have Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. Also, pro bono attorneys, and we have the Tulsa County Bar Association pro bono advocates," Wall said.

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