Eviction Hearings Resume in Cleveland

Cleveland's courts are back in session, and "many tenants are telling us about how they've lost their jobs or the provider in their household is no longer employed. That's the story that we hear over and over," said Abigail Staudt, with the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

Staudt says she's expecting a lot of calls as people start getting their notices about eviction hearings.

"It's hitting our renters in a much greater way than the last economic downturns and crises. I mean, the whole push has been for people to stay home. If you're evicted from your house, you cannot stay home," said Staudt.

The City of Cleveland's Department of Community Development is managing the COVID-19-related rental assistance program. And those who need legal help for eviction concerns but can't afford to hire an attorney can reach out to the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for help.

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