Eviction Moratorium Ends for All Hoosiers: What This Means for You

The end of the moratorium on utilities and evictions has the potential to put thousands on the streets.

Attorney Andrew Thomas, with Indiana Legal Services, says landlords can start legally evicting tenants sooner than you may think. Thomas says, "This is a potential housing crisis, as of next week, courts will be able to start evicting people from their homes."

Programs like BrightpointReady to RentIndiana Legal Services, and the Fort Wayne Housing Authority are all willing and able to lend a Hoosier a helping hand during this hard time.

Fort Wayne resident Rick Miller says it's tough for both parties involved. 

He says, "Both the tenants and the landlords… Everybody is put in a tough situation because of the pandemic. I wish this were over. Everybody does. I sincerely wish good things on everybody. I hope they find support groups and find a way."

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