Indiana braces for eviction crisis, community resources can help tenants avoid it

Tippecanoe County landlords filed 248 eviction cases the week after Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb's moratorium on evicting renters ended on Aug. 14, after five months of protection.

Before the coronavirus, landlords filed between 35 and 55 eviction cases in a week,  Tippecanoe County Magistrate Dan Moore said.

The flood of filings for evictions is now closer to pre-COVID-19 numbers, but Moore doesn't know if that's because the Center for Disease Control and Prevention published its own nationwide moratorium on eviction in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

“The governor’s order was a complete ban on evictions, initially," Moore said. "The governor then opened that up to emergency evictions but, aside from emergent situations, was still a complete bar. Even the filing of evictions."

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