Ithaca Tenants Union Partners With Cornell Law School to Set up Housing Hotline

The Ithaca Tenants Union, which has made national headlines for its #cancelrent campaign, has partnered with the Cornell Law School and the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York (LASMNY) to create a legal advice housing hotline as a resource for local renters dealing with issues from eviction to security deposit disputes. 

"The idea for this hotline is to level the playing field and let tenants know "here are your rights, here are your options under the law," said Michaela Azemi, director of Pro Bono Services and Externships at Cornell Law School and one of the key organizers of the hotline. 

Many Ithacans will be able to access ITU's hotline as more than 73% of housing in the City of Ithaca is renter occupied. ITU hopes that their service will be able to create more significant equity amongst those renters, and challenge the power landlords have over their low-income tenants. 

Ithaca tenants can reach the ITU hotline via email at, phone at 607-301-1560, or online. Attorneys interested in volunteering to mentor a law student on the hotline can contact Michaela Rossettie Azemi, Esq. at

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