Some tenants are not using protections to stay in homes

From payment assistance to an eviction delay, renters with financial issues have protections to help them stay in their homes. But it takes knowing the rules and using them to stay in your home even if you can't pay. And some tenants either don't know the rules or are confused by them.

We were with Maricopa County constables recently as they were carrying out court-ordered evictions. Constable Lennie McCloskey took his time explaining to one tenant why he was there.

He asked if she could pay her three months' worth of rent. She said she could later that day. McCloskey told her if she came up with the money, she'd be let back in. But for now, the door lock was changed and she had to leave.

There are currently two protections against eviction enforcement in Arizona. A governor's order keeps tenants who can't pay in their homes until November if they have a pandemic-related reason for financial problems.

A newer federal order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is broader. It allows tenants to stay in their places until the end of the year. And the financial reasons do not have to be tied to the pandemic.

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